Suzuki Genuine Parts

Keep Your Vehicle Genuine!
Always Use Suzuki Genuium Parts


Suzuki recommends genuine parts and genuine oil/chemicals to maintain high levels of safety, reliability, comfort and performance.

Regular maintenance and replacement of consumable parts and oil/chemicals are key for you to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience with your Suzuki for many years to come. Consumable parts range from oil filters to air filters, brake pads, air conditioner filters, wiper blades and oil/chemicals. Suzuki recommends Genuine Parts, these are designed for Suzuki vehicles and are fully tested to maximize performance and service life. Authorized 3S Suzuki dealers will be pleased to help you with Suzuki Genuine Parts and Suzuki Genuine Oil. With their expertise and knowledge, Suzuki authorized 35 dealers can offer you the best service possible to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Real Suzukis are made from Genuine Parts

Every Suzuki vehicle is composed of 20,000 to 30,000 Genuine Parts. They have the optimal design and specifications tailored for the specific vehicle type and model. Every part has passed Suzuki’s rigorous test standards for performance, quality, durability, safety and comfort.

We recommend that you choose Suzuki Genuine Parts, when you need to repair your vehicle or replace consumable parts such as brake pads, air filters, etc. Each Genuine Part is the perfect match for your Suzuki vehicle.

By choosing Suzuki Genuine Parts and services, you can maintain your Suzuki in top condition at all times

Advantages of Suzuki Genuine Parts

  • They are designed and fully tested by Suzuki (We do not conduct any testing on non-genuine parts.)
  • They meet rigorous levels of standards for performance, quality, durability, set by Suzuki
  • They are used when Suzuki vehicles are manufactured at the Suzuki factories
  • They are available at all authorized 3S Suzuki dealers, which offer Suzuki Genuine Parts & Service

Why regular maintenance is important?

Consumable parts begin to wear and deteriorate and oil/chemicals lose their efficacy over time. You may not notice the changes because the process is very slow yet steady.

You can have peace of mind with your Suzuki if you maintain it regularly and carefully, for example by having regular engine-oil changes and brake-pad replacements at designated times. Regular maintenance ensures safety, reliability, comfort and optimal performance of your Suzuki, This saves you money in the long run and avoids serious and costly problems. Good maintenance also enhances the re-sale value of your vehicle.

Suzuki recommends Genuine Parts like Oil Filter, Air Filter and Engine Oil, when you replace any of the parts of your Suzuki during maintenance or repair. Genuine parts will keep your vehicle running at its best at all times. Authorized 3S Suzuki dealers, who specialize in Suzuki products, will be pleased to help you. They will inspect your car, tell you its current condition and recommend the best solutions.

Suzuki’s Maintenance Package may be available in your region with Authorized 3S Dealers. It offers a menu with a wide variety of options for your regular inspections and replacements of consumable parts and oil chemical at affordable prices. Please ask your Authorized 3S Suzuki dealer for more information

Please check label before buying Suzuki Genuine Parts Suzuki offers 6 months warranty on Suzuki Genuine Parts.

Maintenance schedule

It’s important to maintain your car on a regular basis and replace consumable parts and oil/chemicals at designated times. This is for your safety and comfort when you drive your vehicle.

Please refer to the owner’s manual or ask an Authorized 3S Suzuki dealer in your region for more information